Lorraine – musician & teacher
Lorraine studied recorder and flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London, before going on to post-graduate performance studies in Holland, at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and the Sweelinck Conservatory, Amsterdam.
For nearly twenty years, she has worked extensively in primary, secondary and adult music education, as an instrumental teacher, ensemble coach, conductor, secondary school class music teacher and workshop leader. She has lead workshops with the London based charities Musiko Musika and The Trust, and has also loved leading a worship group at an inner London secondary school, encouraging young people in their faith and worship.
Lorraine has performed across the UK with recorder and piano duo Allegrezza, in community settings such as schools, hospices and care homes, for the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now! scheme and The Council for Music in Hospitals.
She loves music of many cultures, and also using music to reach communities and in helping encourage personal growth, creativity and healing.
 Lorraine – worship musicianLorraine has always loved to express her worship to God through music, and has a particular passion for prophetic instrumental worship through her flute, as well music as a tool in mission, and multi-cultural worship. She has recently released an album of her original songs – Hope in You, songs of Lorraine Latin – pointing to Christ as our Eternal Hope in the midst of life’s challenges, which encompasses Afro-Latin, Latin jazz and other soulful gospel grooves. She has recently begun serving full-time with Resonance, the multi-cultural and cross-cultural arts and worship ministry of WEC, an international mission agency.For more on Lorraine’s album, and to get a taste of the songs, see  hopeinyoualbum.com/


Lorraine – in mission 
Lorraine has served in short-term mission in Zambia (with Soapbox), as well as in the USA and Thailand (YWAM Musicians Summer of Service). She has also enjoyed being involved in outreach to refugees and parents parenting alone in her local community. She has recently taken up full-time missionary service with Resonance, the multi-cultural and cross-cultural arts and worship ministry of WEC International.

Resonance‘s vision is (1) to see believers from unreached people groups use the music and arts that have the greatest resonance in their own cultural context, to communicate the gospel, train Christ-followers and worship God deeply from their hearts, and (2) to draw the nations together in worship (reflecting Revelation 7.9 where worshippers of ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’ worship together before God’s throne),  through leading and supporting/teaching others in multi-cultural worship


Lorraine’s faith journeyLorraine tells her story :It was in growing up as a Roman Catholic that the foundation of my Christian faith was built, and I always had a very keen interest in knowing more about God. In my early twenties, whilst studying music in Holland, I met people who spoke about Jesus as if He were real and as if they knew Him personally and He had really made a difference to their lives. There was a joy and life in those people that captivated me, and I wanted to know more. During the time that followed, I moved from a ‘head knowledge’ about God to a ‘heart relationship’ with Jesus, giving my life to Christ and accepting Him as my Saviour and Lord. I was able to explore the many questions I had with new friends and through the Alpha course and church home groups.
I went on to do a short term mission trip in the USA and Thailand, and came back on fire for the Lord, wanting to share the incredible news of Christ’s transforming love with all I met, and with a passion for further cross-cultural mission. God had taught me deep truths about my identity in Him during that trip, too, and really spoke to me through Philippians chapter 2.On finishing my studies a couple of years later, and returning to the UK, I faced a number of very serious and painful circumstances at the same time, over several years. This was a great test for my faith. I had to make a choice – whether to run from God, or to throw myself entirely on Him. Without understanding some of the things I was going through, I pressed into God as much as I was able, crying out to Him to carry me through. During this time, He drew closer than ever, and taught me so much – to keep my eyes on Him no matter the circumstances, that He is faithful and never leaves us, that sometimes my worship would need to be an act of the will, that I was to face my battles worshipping Him, the preciousness of family in Christ, amongst many, many other things. So many scriptures spoke deeply into my life during this time, and one of the most impactful was 2 Chronicles chapter 20 about Jehosophat – oh, God showed me so much through this chapter, that still impacts my daily living. Well, it would take several years for God to rebuild me and heal me from a place of utter brokenness.
A few years on, now in a new place of restoration, I publicly re-affirmed my baptismal vows as the mark of a new beginning. Since then, God has been taking me on a crazy adventure of following Him one step at a time. He has really been taking me to new levels of trusting Him – to live believing in His promises, before seeing them manifest in the natural. He has called me to take risks that may seem even careless to the faithless heart – leaving my job without another job in place would be just one example. It has tested me, and tears have flowed when I haven’t seen a way through, yet it is a really dynamic place to be – trusting in Him, without seeing the path ahead, learning to live one day at a time – I wouldn’t have it any other way, despite the challenges ! God has proved Himself faithful time and time again, and given me wonderful friends to share the journey with.
Right now, I’m adapting to serving full-time in mission, with the Resonance worship ministry – God has clearly been leading me to this in various ways over a good period, and in much prayer. It’s a journey of trust, discovery and adventure, following and trusting God for every practicality and detail one day at a time – whilst I can’t see everything that’s ahead, I am trusting He knows – and that Has got to be enough ! ……. Watch this space !!Lorraine